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Day seven::from the garden

When the sun made an all too short appearance this afternoon, Hugo and I made a dash for the garden. Him for some digging and general chook chasing, me for my daily workout of pulling out cocks-foot and cape weed.
Midwinter, I planted some broad beans and peas in the hope that the smalls would munch them straight off the plant come spring. Ever so slowly they've grown through the cold months and are now in flower, but not yet ready to pick. Or so I thought. It was a lovely surprise to see peas dripping from the underside of the plant when I pulled it back today.
Even more lovely was when Hugo pronounced the peas as "sweet and juicy" as he munched down several pods. Yes!! I thought as I did an imaginary victory punch in the air. Surprise peas. Surprised that they were even there, delighted that he ate them.

from the kitchen::from the garden::from the valley
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  1. How come yours are fruiting while ours are barely poking their heads out of the ground? I think that watching your kids picking, eating and enjoying food straight from the garden is one of the best things in the whole wide world.