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Day sixteen :: the team

The dulcet tone of a chainsaw echoes across the valley, as Rodney works his magic on a massive tree stump that's been an eyesore on my rural idyll since we moved here. Earlier today, I was so grateful that Mal and Damien could get here so pronto to fix the septic. It was then that Tony arrived unexpectedly, with the spare part for the fridge. Five days early, you've got to love that.

What with Arne and Phil spending three days here earlier in the week with the interior makeover, Rob and Dean taking care of the rewiring, and Neil coming to take away everything they pulled out, it's been a bit like the agfest carpark here. Next week, Stevo will be here to do the plastering, and hopefully Pete can make it to finish some painting. Then we just need to wait for Wocko, Rick and Matt for some final touches and we'll just about have a new kitchen (oh, but we do need to save money to pay them, sadly this job will stretch over several weeks).

The cheque book's taken a beating. But we have a deadline to get the place shipshape before Christmas. You see, we're hosting the family this year, twenty six for Christmas lunch, and, as they're all coming from the mainland, well, they'll stick around for a few days. And that's when we can all relax and enjoy the efforts of our above mentioned renovation team.


  1. I love that it's a cast of thousands to help you realise your renovating dream. How exciting, I can't even imagine! 26 for Christmas, wow, that is definitely impressive! I am sure they won't be disappointed, your blogging material is testament to that!

  2. Wow, it sounds crazy at your place.You must be looking forward to that time when you can relax and enjoy the results of this crazy time.

  3. Twenty-six, YIKES. Bet your new kitchen will be the perfect place for whipping up a Christmas Feast.

  4. Happy to hear the septic and the fridge are fixed. Those are two things you don't want to be doing without.
    Ah renovations, I remember them well. Big boots walking through your house all day, power tools and tradie's favourite music... happy days.
    Its all worth it when its over.

  5. Sounds like good progress is being made at your place Michelle. Just when I thought MOTH had finished with the messy things, he decided certain bricks in our bathroom reno. needed to be attended to yesterday with the big angle grinder. I have spent all day cleaning up the brick dust from EVERYTHING in the rest of the house! I'm sooo over it.
    Millie ^_^