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The end of the road

I was feeling slightly anxious as I crammed the little ones into the car and the three of us took off on our great southern camping adventure, leaving their dad behind to work on the house. Not the most experienced of camper, with just me, the children and one rather large tent, my mind was reeling with worst case scenarios. Although, I was meeting up with a group of friends, and I did take comfort from the fact that one of them is affectionately known as "Alby"

On arrival at Cockle Creek, my first thought was what took me so long to get here, (it's been on my "one day" list for years) and any thoughts of imminent catastrophe quickly evaporated as we took in the breathtaking scenery. A typical camping adventure, the highlight was a tinnie ride alongside dolphins and sea lions. Along with collecting driftwood and maireener shells on the beach, toasting marshmallows and sleepy babes drinking early morning hot chocolate. All over too quickly, but creating happy memories for the little ones. Can't wait to go back to the "end of the road."


  1. How lovely! We had a camping weekend too and I can't wait to do more of it... we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, huh?

  2. Arrrrrrr...going to bed with dirty feet.........PERFECT!!

  3. It's so beautiful down there, it would be a wonderful place for camping, great time to go too before the hoards take over during summer!