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My place & yours :: my collection

Whilst admiring Kate's theme for My place and yours this week, at first I struggled to find anything I collect really worth sharing :: bills? laundry? dust bunnies? I had to think harder. Then in the garden this morning, I realised I was surrounded by my collection, and it's certainly worthy of a post, considering there's such exciting developments.

My collection is driven largely by gluttony. I collect fruit trees. I'm addicted and I can't stop. In particular, I love heirloom apple varieties, especially anything with a silly name. I'm rapidly running out of space to plant my collection, thank goodness for espaliers. In the three year since we've been in our home I've planted::
kentish cherry
morello cherry
cats head apple
sturmer apple
mutsu apple
cox's orange pippin apple
bramley's seedling apple
geeveston fanny apple
pine golden pippin apple
fenoiullet gris apple
espopus spitzenberger apple
pomme de neige apple
calville blanc d'hiver apple
court pendu plat apple
smyrna quince
van de man quince
beurre hardy pear
blood orange
lisbon lemon
black turkish fig
pine nut
frantoio olives
huonville crabapple
john downey crabapple
white mulberry
damson plum
golden drop plum
sloe (for gin)
juniper (for more gin)

I think that's all. Next winter I'd like to plant some apple stepovers - they are so cute. And a peasgood's nonsuch apple, with a name like that, who wouldn't want one in their collection?

Oh, and the exciting development? Why fruit of course! Whilst most of my collection are mere sticks, my apples have started to fruit this season. Already! And I can't wait to pluck a ripe apple from a tree that I planted and bite into the sweet crunchy fruit, from my very own collection.

Thanks to this week's theme queen Kate and to Pip for hosting such an ace game.


  1. OMG What on earth will you do with all that fruit when they do start producing? Peasgood's nonsuch apple is the best name ever isn't it? A Brilliant collection!

  2. Far out. You are the fruitiest girl I have ever heard of. It must be fun picking and eating and preserving all that fruit! I really love your list of planted things :: it would make a lovely poster, I think!

  3. Wow - that is a lot of fruit trees!

  4. I'm impressed - and VERY envious...particularly of the fig, slow and juniper.

  5. the BEST collection by FAR..i LOVE it!!..i'm ssoo excited about my strawberry & raspberry plants bearing's MAGIC watching them sprout & ripen..nothing quite compares does it!?

  6. Ohhhh, now that's a collection! We are also a bit addicted to heritage varieties of fruit trees. We have 1000 apple trees made up of over 40 varieties. The bad news for you is that for the first few years you have to pull the fruit buds off to ensure that the tree puts its energy into growth rather than fruit production. Maybe you could leave an apple on each tree so you can see what it ends up as.

  7. Oh my what an enviable collection!

    Very impressive.

  8. Ha Ha. Be careful, my husband turned this passion into his business! I asked him what he collected and he said 'old fashioned fruit tree varieties- of course'! There are some great names, aren't there

  9. What a fantastic collection to have. I just love apples, so yum, and one straight from the tree would be amazing.

  10. Ohhhh scrumptious ... I had to buy fruit sald at the markets this morning ... lucky you to gather the fruits of your labour ;) ... isn't this fun ;)

  11. Wow. I am particularly impressed with the Sloe and Juniper additions... hope they bear fruit soon...

  12. Plant collections are my favourites! I'm terrible- I think I need one of every type! But at least it's a collection that gives back 1000-fold (at least) on the original investment. Thinking of all the fresh fruit, nuts, jams, preserves & dried fruit that one day I will be able to harvest makes me very happy! Hope your harvest is plentiful!

  13. No kidding, Michelle? That is quite a collection of fruit trees! Any idea how you are going to pick all the fruits when in season, and netting to stop the birds from pecking?

    I have been thinking of planting fruit trees for the last 2 winters. Still have not got around it. LOL!

  14. Wow this sounds like the most amazing and not to mention wonderful collection, not only to you get lovely trees, you get blossom and then fruit! You are so lucky to have so much space for them.

  15. I really, really love your collection. It's the most productive. Imagine your grandchildren running through your beautiful orchard. It's what dreams are made of.

  16. Oh I would love to be your neighbour when you get all the lovely fruit. That is certainly a guilt free collection - love it :0)

  17. what a great collection ~ and so useful too! years and generations of enjoyment.

    Well done for doing exactly what you love.
    now.. to get myself to a better climate for growing my favourites!

  19. This is quite a list:) I would love to know what dust bunnies are.

  20. I love that you have planting for gin - it is allin the planning I reckon

  21. So cool, I would love to see this garden.