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When I have said my evening prayer,
And my clothes are folded on the chair,
And mother switches off the light,
I'll still be six years old tonight.
But, from the very break of day,
Before the children rise and play,
Before the darkness turns to gold
Tomorrow, I'll be seven years old.
Seven kisses when I wake,
Seven candles on my cake!


  1. happy sweet seven to your little one!

  2. What a lovely, sweet and tender post. I hope your lovely seven year old has a beautiful birthday xo

  3. Beautiful photo and beautiful ode to your seven year old. Hope she has a wonderful birthday.

  4. A perfect seven year old portrait, it is her time in the sun (and such an independent gaze)

  5. hey lady - STOP with your heart wrenching blogs, you've nearly made me cry and she's not even my babe. What a beautiful seven year old Elsa is. I love that look in her eyes. Happy days for beautiful Elsa (and for you!).

  6. Oh how lovely! Gorgeous photo and post. Happy birthday sweet Elsa. Xxx

  7. Oh happy birthday to such a gorgeous precious girl.
    What a rightly proud mummy you are. She is just so

  8. It is a magical age, I adored being 7. There is much wisdom in Miss Elsa's beautiful face! No doubt things are heating up at your place Michelle. You must so be so looking forward to all your Chrissie visitors lobbing soon.
    Millie ^_^

  9. happy birthday, gorgeous little thing! x

  10. I send best wishes for a magical year for such a lovely, wise girl!

  11. cute! hope she enjoyed her b-day.