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Hugo stitching "red fire", he's becoming quite confident using a real needle.
Box of sauce tomatoes, not mine sadly, from the grocer.
Chopping kilos of tomatoes...
red washing... toys to pick up.

Finding peace and calm in the busyness of our days. Bottling tomatoes, watching little ones stitch, washing laundry and picking up toys. There is comfort in the rhythm of home, while we enjoy these last few days of summer holidays.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and kind words about the loss of our friend.


  1. I love that Hugo is into the real world of needles. I need to get Noah into the real needles, the plastic ones are all broken and I think very difficult to stitch with!

    Love all your red photos, the vibrancy of those tomatoes is incredible.

    Have you been watching the Gourmet Farmer?

    Hope you are ok, been thinking of you and Carrie. x

  2. Hi, Red is the color of summer, bright and vibrant, just like your friend who passed. Hi from Marie in New Zealand.

  3. Gorgeous photos. Like Lexi, have you been watching 'Gourmet Farmer'? When I watch it, I always think of you (and how much I miss TAS). Thinking of you all, x

  4. I've just come to the bottom of one of those sauce tomato boxes, the last few night shave been filled with the delicious smells of roast tomatoes!

    Hugo's stitching looks wonderful, two little sewers, you must be very chuffed (I would be!)

  5. Sometimes busyness can be a saviour I think. LOVE Hugo's stitching

  6. thanks for sharing your red - and thinking of you with your loss.
    xx Amy