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A summer's day

Pickings from the garden. Our first tomatoes, hooray! And zucchinis, which we like to eat when they're small.
Elsa likes them raw but I like them sauteed, with flowers attached, in olive oil with garlic and parsley.
Some indoor dress up fun. Too hot to play outside.
A princess costume, Elsa made herself, so clever.
Late this afternoon, we turned the sprinkler on under the trampoline to cool off. Did I mention it's so very hot today? The poor chooks are still panting.
Hope you're keeping cool.


  1. we have had a very zucchini day too. Zucchini bread, zucchini fritters... but I like them best just like you - in olive oil and garlic.
    hope that cool change gets to you soon!

  2. Look at how large and juicy red those tomatoes are - delicious!!!

  3. They are the most adorable zucchini! We were so late with our tomatoes I don't think we'll have any for a long time!

  4. We are enjoying cherry toms every day from the garden and cucumbers but our farmer down the road is supplying our zucchini. I like them sauteed just in butter and olive oil and sea salt. Boring but I love it!

  5. those veggies look scrumptious!
    i cant wait to harvest mine- fingers crossed, i too love sauteed zucchini with olive oil and garlic- yum!
    x ashley

  6. Those zucchinis are very impressive, yum!!! It's good to pick them small, the big ones are not as nice. xx

  7. Oh yum, only a handful of ripe tomatoes at our place so far. I also love zuc flowers but let the occasionally one get super large so the smalls can practice their knife-wielding chopping skills.