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Twenty ten

Just thought I'd check in and say hello. Christmas was gorgeous, loads of delicious feasting, backyard cricket, walks through paddocks and lounging on the verandah with a glass of something cold.
The new brick oven was a triumph and got a thorough workout. There was up to three meals a day for twenty seven people to prepare. The family split into cooking and washing up teams so everyone had a chance to pitch in. And an entertaining wood splitting competition between the teenage boys resulted in a lovely neat stack of wood to fire up when needed. Yay team!

The Taste, whilst not the frantic bake-a-thon we expected, was enjoyable nonetheless. We opened a wee Pop Up bakery and had lovely people dropping in to buy cakes fresh from the kitchen. Here's our first sale :: a big one!

And this new year, well, we've been relaxing, visiting my favourite beach at Cockle Creek, eating loads of cherries. Roadside stalls sell a juicy selection of summer fruits and it's such a short season, you've got to scoff while you can.
Which means it's about time to wash the empty jars for some jam making sessions. I preserved some lemons today, an easy recipe out of my Christmas present book. Strawberry jam tomorrow I think.

Hope you're having happy days.


  1. That wood oven looks so good. I am so open to any nanny work you need, housework anything really to get in to that house of great food

  2. How dare you show a pick of that there wood oven...when I haven't got mine yet....what are you out to make me jealous!!! :) Oh....happy new year lovely xx

  3. Glad to hear your baking extravaganza wasn't not too taxing.They look gorgeous, and I'm just sorry I didn't get to the taste now! Will you be at any of the markets at the Masonic Hall?
    Your Christmas feasting looks delicious...the pumpkin salad particularly!

  4. sounds like a wonderful christmas break Michelle! I wish I had read your email earlier than I did for some of your pop up cakes, I spent that hot day baking (literally ) for a bbq on new years day and a selection of your cakes would have been far better! They look wonderful! Cockle creek is beautiful it wasn't too busy down there?

  5. Oh I love Cockle Creek! I love being at the end of the road, so to speak. I camped there once for a few days, waiting for some beloved bushwalkers to return from a long, long walk.

    I am very green with envy over that oven :)

    And our days are increasingly happy...