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Damson in distress

The damson's been pureed and spiced then filled in this cupcake. So not really distressed. A chocolate cupcake filled with damson plums with a vanilla bean cream cheese frosting.

A sneak peak of the menu for Sunday's Market.

Do you like the polaroid? It's my new iphone app - shake it photo. You have to shake your phone to develop the picture. Lots of fun.


  1. I'm sure lots of people will come to its rescue! That photo is amazing. Trying not to be tempted by an iPhone! Is your DSLR still at the doctor?
    Looking forward to the market already- have some birthday presents to buy...

  2. I have shakeit photo but the best is shakeit, it is heaps better and the photos actually have the frame that looks exactly like a polaroid.

  3. Ohh, I'll be there for one of those lovelies.