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Jars, jars and more jars...

I do love jars. Vintage jars in particular. And making so much jam and preserves I'm always on the look out for interesting new jars. I do like the Fowlers but have had two shatter in the preserving process this season so I'm dubious about buying more second hand ones.
I found a great source for jars here. Anything that I can order in the mail and get delivered to my door works for me. I bought some Weck jars that I have coveted for some time, and Ball wide mouth mason jars and sweet little jam jars.

I've also been using the Bormioli that Steve recommend, which are by far the easiest to use. You can find those at any local hardware or kitchen store.

I'm yet to find proper instructions for the Ball jars, as the lid comes apart, and I'm not sure why. But I gave it a go and it appears to have worked. But it's the Weck jars, oh my, with their lovely simple shape and glass lids, that I love. Straight out of a Toast catalogue. A bit scary to use. Not for the preserving novice.

I've put tomato passata in each one. They seem okay but we'll see how we go. If I ever suddenly drop off the blogosphere, you'll know it's likely to be due to botulism and preserving gone wrong!
I'm slowly working my way through boxes of produce. Pears, peaches, plums and tomatoes. Hopefully there will be room on the table real soon. Just need to find somewhere to keep all those jars.


  1. Nothing is quite as exciting as sparkling new jars with produce or jams in them! Thanks for passing on the link. Our current abode doesn't have enough room for preserving (either the preparation or storing!) will keep this in mind for the hut. We do buy and eat enough of Yves' honey that we have a handy store of his big jars. Hope it all goes well and no botulism!

  2. They look gorgeous & will be used for many years to come. All that produce looks amazing and really who needs room on the table.

    We have an old bank of lockers (with shelves inside) for storing our bottled produce. Because we store them downstairs (nice & cool) having the doors is great to keep the dust off everything.

    I feel like I'm finally coming to the end of of my tomato bottling, phew!

  3. P.S. thanks for the links, I'm great friends with the parcel-postie who delivers all our internet-gotten-goodies!

  4. How impressive is that line-up? So beautiful, and no doubt delicious! Those jars are divine, maybe the thrifted ones are good for storage of buttons and pretty things.. But not for preserving? Well done!

  5. beautiful full jars. It warms my heart to see homemade jams and sauces like these.

  6. This is my plan for the Easter weekend - to make and bottle some relish and chutney... Thanks so much for the link. Have been searching for a site like this, and the prices are fantastic!

  7. Lovely post Michelle - very evocative and very harvest.

  8. I found you via Rhonda's blog.

    Here is the link for the Ball canning company. They have all sorts of useful information. This is the type of canning jar I grew up with and use. :) Well, a couple different companies made/make this style, so I should say I grew up with this style of jar rather than this brand.

    I think the Weck jars look lovely, but have never seen any locally. Maybe one of these days I will have good fortune at a yard sale or thrift store!

  9. Those are wonderful jars. I also keep the jars in my kitchen cabinet.

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