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A new tax - hooray!

Hooray! The Robin Hood Tax campaign has been launched in Australia. I love this idea even more than I love Bill Nighy. Which is a lot. Sign up here pronto!


  1. thank you for this link - I'm off to spread the word - this is a great idea for a tax!

  2. Oh wow. OMG. Is this for real? What an inspired idea. Off to check out the link in hopeful anticipation. Kx

  3. No country is going to implement this tax unilaterally because to do so would place its banking sector at a competitive disadvantage.
    And the chances of ALL countries agreeing to adopt the tax? Well, bearing in mind what happened recently in Copenhagen, I'd say the chances are pretty close to zero.

    Thank goodness for that.

    I'm no economist, but I dare say neither is Bill Nighy. Having done my own research, looking at arguments on both sides of the issue (including the link provided), I think there is every reason to oppose this tax*.
    Disclaimer: I am not a banker or, for that matter, a great lover of banks/bankers! :)