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Not if, but when...

It's a not a matter of if, but when. That's the advice given to me on possums eating my fruit trees. We built a a fairly make-shift fence, but as predicted, last night the orchard was apparently the scene of the latest pop up restaurant for possums.

Today I had to pick what's left, they're not quite ripe (so I think there may be a few possums with a sore tum today.) They didn't touch the big sour bramleys, but they did love the sweet ones like geeveston fanny and cox's pippin.
I'm still pretty happy with this harvest though. Not bad for the first effort of my three year old trees. I'll cook these up for apple sauce to bottle in gorgeous new jars I ordered, due any day now. (I can't wait to show you!)

At least in jars I reckon the apples should be possum proof.

P.S. If you want to get your hands on some lovely heirloom apple trees - head over to Woodbridge Fruit Trees pronto.


  1. We lost all our persimmons and peaches to the birds ( and the dog ). At least we are taking care of our winged (and furry) friends. X

  2. Drat those darn possums. Your apples look gorgeous. Can't wait to see the bottles.

  3. Oh dear!

    It's the parrots and kangaroos that we have to compete with here.

  4. pesky varmints!

    we got worms

    (in our apples!)

    Looking forward to seeing the new jars....I've been collecting le parfait jars for ages but all the seals are perished so I need to see if they still make them (instead of reading blogs!)

  5. They look deliciously crunchy and sweet! I'll trade you one for a doughnut! xo m.