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It may sound tough, but really, baking 200 cupcakes is such a lovely way to spend the day. We always make the classics of vanilla bean and chocolate. But it's the fruity flavours that are the most fun. First, we source ingredients we'll use to flavour our cakes from friends, neighbours or our own gardens. This keeps our special flavours local and seasonal. Today we had pears, figs, lemon, walnuts, bay leaves and mountain lilac honey to work with.

Honeyed thyme figs and walnut brownie
vanilla bean with lavender and pineapple sage

old fashioned chocolate with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting

Tomorrow's menu will be

Honeyed thyme figs and walnut brownie.

Pear filled lemon cake with honey buttercream

Quince filled lemon cake with lemon cream cheese buttercream with a damson paste star

Vanilla Vanilla with dried lavender and pineapple sage flowers

Old fashioned chocolate with vanilla bean cream cheese buttercream and Valrhona chocolate pearls.

And of course, our vegan, sugar-free, gluten free truffles.

We're looking forward to tomorrow's market, celebrating it's first birthday, it's sure to be a big one.

Good night!


  1. YUM! It all looks delicious!

  2. Everything looks wonderful. I have just found your lovely blog and am always delighted to find another Tassie blogger.

  3. Nice to catch up yesterday with you both. The damson paste star looked gorgeous and tasted great too- the cupcakes were eaten after dinner as an early birthday cake. I'm in love with the frosting. Mmmm.

  4. Oh my goodness that is all so amazingly mouth watering.

  5. one of each please- looks amazing,
    x ashley

  6. If only there were smella-pc and taste-a-pc I would devour all the sweet things you make!!!!!I think I'm in LOVE. The photos are most wonderful.... I have just discovered your blog and am humbled by your skills as well as your approach to life.
    I am curious as to whether you have started up your cupcake blog yet?
    Keep up the good work