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Friday is op shop day in the Valley. With their stores facing each other across the street, the CWA and the Anglican ladies battle it out each Friday to see who has the best cakes in town. The cakes and jams are old school:: sponges, date loaves, scones, and they look totally perfect. But tempting as they, I prefer to head for the home grown produce. Today there was beautiful beurre bosc pears, onions, nugget pumpkins and a new potato I never head of. Umatilla. I get pretty excited about potatoes, but to try a new variety, well that's just Christmas for me! The CWA lady told me not to boil them which makes them perfect for our favourite afternoon school snack at the mo, baked potatoes.
I also scored some more stackables, which I've just started to collect. Plus this sweet cup. I really love the pattern.
All this for less than $10. What more can you say, but TGIF.


  1. Sounds like the best kind of Friday to me!! Love the cups and all those vegies, yum. Have a great weekend xo

  2. Awesome finds! I love stackers and that mod design cup is beaut! and those pears...mmm

  3. My favourite intersection in town has op shops on two corners (one in a quaint white weatherboard church) the CWA craft shop on one and my yoga place on the other.

    Seeing the CWA shop on the Gourmet Farmer strengthened my resolve to get to your part of the world ASAP!

    (PS Nice mention on Down to Earth)


  4. Just found your blog through AMB and, yay, a fellow op shopper :)
    Those vegies look perfect!

  5. I love nugget pumpkins and completely forgot to plant any this year. Grumble grumble.

  6. Oh, I like these and value for money too! Sounds like a perfect friday ritual.

  7. I love those stackable cups Michelle they are a gorgeous colour. Baked potatoes for afternoon sounds perfect too!