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Saturday hike

Now that we have Mabel, we've been on the lookout for some dog friendly walks. We found this great booklet published by the local council, Kingborough's Tracks, that outlines over 30 dog friendly trails through paddocks, beaches and bush. On Saturday we tackled the Picket Hill Track, which while steep in parts, took us to a lookout with spectacular mountain and ocean views. We stopped here at the top for lunch, and Mabel kindly hoovered the crumbs.

I'm joining in with the delightful Chantelle's Point and Shoot. Go see what others got up to on the weekend here.


  1. That walk sounds great! Its great an outing for everyone, so fun! I must start walking my dog again they do love it. Margoxx

  2. Great photo gets me thinking of the Famous Five.
    We tried something different for us yesterday.... Picnic lunch & bushwalk... all four of us & it was enjoyable for all ... Yay !!!

  3. thansk Michelle, our puppy Nelly is now fully vaccinated so we'll be taking her out to one of these walks soon too!

  4. Elsa's expression is priceless! What a good vacuum cleaner dog.