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Radical moves

These Easter holidays have seen some serious puppy proofing occur. Including finally ripping up the bedroom carpets. Much to the horror of many Tasmanian compatriots "Are you crazy! It's too cold for floorboards." Never one to let comfort get in the way of style, our home is free of carpet and I'm sure nothing more than family pack of wooley slippers will see us right this winter.

This radical action has created a perfect excuse for one of my favourite pastimes :: rearranging the furniture. Thankfully, with a heads up from Ange, the now recorded Gruffalo has kept the tweeps occupied while I tackle some serious heavy lifting.
We've had fun with the children's room and they have pushed their beds together into the centre of the room. All the books and toys that previously lived in the living room now have to be stored in the Mabel free bedroom.
I have a bit of furniture fetish and have been collecting pieces in various styles since I begged my parents for a shiny chrome art deco traymobile for my 18th birthday. While the height of interior fashion in the eighties, I no longer have that retro icon. It was sold along with other unwanted funiture at auction in attempt to "lighten" our load before moving to the island.
Tasmania has proven a wonderful hunting ground for furniture, but sadly we're pretty much out of space for any new pieces. Our children are often dragged through junk yards, tip shops and antique stores as we trawl for a new treasure. Usually buying a piece of porcelain for Elsa and something with wheels for Hugo keeps them happy. And luckily I took the precaution of marrying someone who shares my love of ragged old furniture.

As I move things around, I remember the story of each piece, where we bought it, who owned it previously, was it a gift from someone special, how many houses it's lived in.

So for now I think we're done, there's no room for any new pieces, although, since the arrival of Mabel our sofa has literally gone to the dogs and will need replacing soon. We're ready to cozy up for some indoor time over winter, just need to get those slippers I think.


  1. I have serious home envy, it's beautiful. Everything is loved and beautiful and looks so perfect. I love that together you've enjoyed hunting your furniture down. I wish Matt lusted after these sorts of things, alas he seems to want a sparse home, whereas I like lots of things around - things that tell stories.. Is there a happy medium between these two aesthetics?

    I love your home. YOu might need to buy some shares in those Mongrel socks to get you through Winter, but your home is divine. x

  2. I always love seeing pics of your home Michelle. Great style.

    You manage to nail the look that I try for and fail dismally at.

    There's tip shop and garage sale booty in our part of the world too. . .and we keep dragging stuff home even though we've well and truely run out of space.

    Perhaps that's the problem!