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Our rosy windswept cheeks are a sure sign that, after a late start, autumn has finally arrived round these parts. The cold, wet and blustery weather is just perfect for heading outdoors. Gardening, dog walking and puddle hunting are some of our favourite activities in this glorious weather.

And well, truth be told, all that exercise is really so I can indulge in those nourishing comfort foods that for me, really herald the arrival of autumn. Quinces bubbling on the stove, mushrooms foraged for risottos and the oven constantly churning out slow cooked stews, tarts and bread. And naturally, our favourite, cinnamon rolls. I can assure you dear reader, that autumn could not pass without baking a batch of these beauties. As you might have noticed, we're quite partial these spicy sweet buns in our house.
Usually a fan of Bill's recipe, a broken set of scales sent me in search of an American recipe using cups and spoons as apposed to mls and grams. Smitten's recipe was perfect. And for the filling we used rapadura sugar, an unrefined sweetener that we've been using a lot lately. (excuse the night time shot, and that some are missing!)

Both recipes are equally delicious. But really, sweet spicy buns straight from the oven? I don't think you can go wrong. And in this weather, I have to keep those peeps nourished. Don't I?

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  1. Yum! I am afraid that with a husband with an aversion to cinnamon and a toddler with food allergies, I am the only cinnamon roll eater in this house. Still, I'm not feeling very well, maybe I should be a bit selfish and bake something just for me? :)