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At my desk

Well at her desk. Elsa has been asking for a desk for some time and we've been scouring the second hand stores for some months to oblige. Finding a suitably sized one hasn't been as easy as I thought, so when I saw this one, whilst not exactly what I was looking for, it was the right size. I like the blue colour :: but not sure about the drawer knobs.

Elsa was insistent that I WAS NOT to style her desk Thank you. It is her desk and she would like to keep it how she chooses. She knows me too well. I can't argue with her, but admit that, um, I did tidy it up somewhat for this photo. Okay quite a lot. But it will be restored to its messy former glory before she gets home from school. Just don't tell her please. Okay?

PS I bought the vintage poster from here. They had a whole pile though it was a while ago. It's from the Ideal School Supply Store, Oak Lawns, Illinois. This poster is called Initial Consonant Blends Copyright 1960. It's cute isn't it?


  1. I love that poster, where did you get it? Is it part of a series?

    As my little one seems to have trouble with "s" wordds that start with multiple consonants it would be something I would love to find

    I like the blue, but agree about the drawer knobs!

  2. very, very cute. hope she didn't catch you out! : ). xo m.

  3. Oh Audrey so wanted that desk when we saw it in the shop!! We didn't buy it because the boot was full... Glad its at your place. I was unsure about the knobs too, but the colour is beautiful :)