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This Sunday, Mothers Day, is traditionally a day for sleeping in, breakfast in bed and a wee card lovingly handmade by the peeps. Not for me though, I'll be up at dawn and on the road at 6am. I'll tell you about that soon. But in the meantime, if anyone is wondering, here's what I'm dreaming of this Mothers' Day.
I love Megan's work and her new book looks gorgeous. I also love this song on her website. It's so cute. Anyone know it?
Have you seen Blue Caravan yet? It's a beautiful online store selling contemporary handmade,fair trade & ethical products by independent makers. I'm loving this ipod cover by Kazzki. Go check it out, there's loads of lovely things.

The mother ship. Really. I can't tell you enough how much I love these gumboots. I spotted them on Ali's website who actually has a pair. She's very lucky. These would be perfect to wear in the garden, walking the dog, tramping across frosty grass to watch soccer games. Yep, I can certainly justify a pair. And they'll be perfect for where I'll be spending this Sunday. And most Sundays for the unforeseeable future if things go well.

But honestly? I'm pretty right for stuff. Perhaps I'd prefer a week off from laundry, cooking and vacuuming. My MIL only ever wants a happy family for Mothers Day. I didn't understand the wisdom of this sentiment until I had my own children. Now I think it's perfect. Hanging out with your family doing fun stuff. And really, wish lists aside, it's all you could want as a mum isn't it?

But a pair of Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaeks would be very nice too!


  1. I want a healthy, big baby. That's all. xxx I love the boots too...

  2. oooh yes those boots are pretty yummy...i have a pair of glossy bright yellow short hunters coming home with baz next week...being a shorty i find those big boots tricky to get a-bout in (ha! candian joke). Intrigued to hear more your latest venture!

  3. Haha. I asked for gumboots for Mother's Day too. Very funny how our tastes change over time. Hope you have a wonderful day! xo m.

  4. ohh, does this mean I can get my cupcake fix more regularly?!

  5. I can just see you in those gumboots. Surely you deserve them just for trudging out the door at such a rude hour on a Sunday morning?!

  6. I had a sticky at that book in Borders this morning, very nice.
    Gumboots would be great too...

  7. I hope lots of lovely Mother's Day treats & big hugs & kisses await you on your return from your busy morning tomorrow Michelle!
    Millie ^_^

  8. Haha, I have those boots! Mine are bright red. Warm and good.