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We have a lot of lego in the house now. Hugo has become a little obsessed. He plays with it for hours and likes to keep each set separated. I am not allowed to mix any set together. A storage challenge.

Our hallway has become the lego workshop. We can't play on the floor because of Mabel. Shoeboxes and noodle bowls currently store each set. Noodles are off the menu until I come up with a better system.

How do you store your lego?


  1. Noah is the same. We have those small Decor boxes, and then I put them all into a square basket - they're all together but they're separate!

  2. Max is onto me to get some little lego but I'm sticking to mobilo as it is much easier to fish out of his little brother's mouth.

    My friend uses a big old tiffin carrier, although you can't see what is in each so it's not working out that well.

    Some kind of stackable, see-through, light-weight lego container must exist (or I'm never getting any!). Good luck.

  3. We are Lego obsessed here too. I have made a Lego mat much like the ones Lego made when was a little girl. My mum still has it at her place and I kinda just copied it. Am relieved to say that I never have to pick up another piece of Lego again. Shoot me an email and I will send you one. I have a stash of them made up ready for 5 year old birthdays.

  4. I put them all in one large tub and tell the kids they can look at the directions to see which pieces they need if they want to build a certain set again. I traumatized them by using all the pieces to build something without directions (the horrors! haha), and once they got over the initial OMG factor, they actually really liked the notion of being able to be creative. Sometimes they use the instruction sheets and build specific items and sometimes they just go wild with the making stuff.

    I have a large plastic storage bin with a lid that fits underneath the coffee table in the living room, which keeps the pieces out of the inquisitive reach of our dog (she's between 2 and 3, so not as chewy as a puppy).

    You might be able to do something similar,and still keep sets separated out. If you don't want to use plastic you could make cloth pouches that close with drawstrings or zippers or buttons; or use small brown paper lunch sacks.

  5. sorry ours are in one huge big fat tub. mixed up all together like a marble cake. Thats no help is it...none at all really xx

  6. We use fishing tackle boxes. Old metal ones can be thrifted, but if you don't mind plastic there are lots of transparent, plastic boxes with movable dividers out there. We have several sets that migrate between legos, beads, craft supplies, and playmobil.

  7. Oh crumbs, my mum just bought Max his first lego today! He loves it to bits (literally).

    Great job on the first farmers market, looking forward to visiting...but Sunday is my sleep in & you sold out by 11:30!