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Spit and polish

We have a lovely collection of wooden toys. Handcrafted, simple wooden toys that inspire a gentle kind of play. Sadly, they have been largely ignored since the Danish plastic arrived in the house.
Inspired by a new pack of green pot scourers that reminded him of grass, today Hugo pulled out the animals, fences, trucks and tree blocks to build first a paddock then an entire farm, including helipad (don't all farms have them?), driveway and homestead.

Just as I was enjoying watching all the lovely creative play, Hugo suggested we paint the toys...eep! Whilst it's easy to say no way, I had to think fast to redirect this enthusiasm into another less damaging channel. Remembering the beeswax polish I'd made sometime ago, after reading about it here, this suggestion was a winner. Phew! Potentially ugly crisis adverted.

The polish is easy to make, simply melt beeswax and olive oil together, at a ratio of 3:1, then pour into a jar to cool. You can add a few drops of essential oil if you like, but I love the subtle creamy honey scent of the beeswax. Rub the polish in with a soft cloth (old cloth nappies are ideal.)
After a job well done, with all the toys clean and the wood nourished, it was, um, straight back to the lego. Oh well.


  1. what a great idea, My Munchkin loves painting everything too, this would suit her instead :)

  2. I've just been thinking I need to redo my spoons & wooden bowls, I'll have to get the kids in on the act.

    I have the sewing mans number, I'll leave it in another comment....

  3. nice save! beeswax polish is something no our "to gt" list. his toys are lovely. xo m.

  4. Excellent information... natural and without devostating chemicals... thank you!!

  5. I love your wooden toys! Wooden toys are my favourite, sadly, we have more plastic simply because of my partnership with fisher price.

  6. The good thing about Lego is that they can create just about anything- marvelous for the imagination!