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Ten times more

According to Michael Pollan, farmers’ market shoppers have ten times more conversations than those at the supermarket.

I can vouch for that. The Farm Gate Market is one big talk fest. And I love it. We're five weeks in now and things are going well. Getting better at the bump in and and out. Figuring out the quantities. What sells, what doesn't. We've got a new blog. And working on a new website.

But what I love the most is the atmosphere. And the talking. People start arriving by foot with their prams or their dogs or both at around 8.30am. They fill their baskets with greens and apples and sourdough loaves then maybe some gammon or goat sausages or sheep milk manchego. Or honey, tea leaves, coffee beans, jam, garlic, fresh herbs or sprouts, there is so much to chose from! Then some dash home but most linger. Standing in the aisles or sitting at the tables having a coffee and a chin wag.

I get in my fair share of talking to customers and other stall holders. The stallholders have such wonderful tales. Sometimes funny. Sometimes touching. Like the apple grower who says this market will save his orchard from the bulldozer.

Yes, I can see all the conversations happening around me. And I'm so happy to be there. It's like a mini-culinary holiday, every Sunday. With the added bonus that knowing where your food comes from, and the people who produce it, is healthy for you and your community.

And that is something to talk about.


  1. Thank you for this post, I can almost smell the produce and feel the vibe. We have a wonderful weekly farmers' markets here in Noosa and it's my favourite thing to do on a weekend. The produce is fantastic [and you get to sample most of it before you buy], there are lots of people walking around with smiles on their faces and I always go away feeling uplifted after having had a bright and cheerful exchange with the stallholders. Enjoy your week, F.

  2. We need a farmers market here...the attempts so far have been HOPELESS!!

  3. Here here! I love going to our farmers markets. I love the stall holders who chat with us and the other market goers who will chat with Cohen. I love that there is a park across the road. I just wish there was a stand with yummy cupcakes like yours! Maybe you should start selling franchises? :)

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous. I wish my shopping basket was full of all listed... will have to stop in next week and fill it up. I also love the chats with the other stall holders, lots of fun.

  5. I adore a good farmer's market and don't get to go often enough. The photos are very telling- green and lush xo m.

  6. So glad to hear it is going well, looking forward to getting along for some cake, no I meant wholesome food buying!