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Eight days. Eight days without the interwebs. EIGHT DAYS! Oh how hard it has been. No blogging, no tweeting masterchef, no facebooking. I've felt a bit lost.

Well, it's been quite liberating really. With lovely winter weather, we rugged up, headed outside and hit the garden. It's been grand. Planting roses, weeding and spreading lots of gorgeous compost around. A very busy time.

But I do have loads of posts banked up ready to go, so regular posting shall resume this week. Come back soon.


  1. sometimes it's nice to let go of the technology methinks...that is a lovely wintery photo to get lost in :)

  2. What a gorgeously atmospheric photo. I can almost smell the woodsmoke!
    RE: technolgoy, I know the feeling, have just posted about having 14+days without said 'interweb' and computer.
    x Felicity

  3. welcome home! can't wait to see what you've been typing! xo m.

  4. I imagine it was equally refreshing and hard.

    Perfect gardening weather....need to do more of it myself....perhaps I should lose the 'interweb' for 8 days.

  5. I've just endured / enjoyed a few days without the www too!

    Trying to self enforce some limits and get things done. Yet here I am again...

  6. Stupid newbie question, but is that the front of your house?

    If so it is divine.

    I'm a Huon girl living in FNQ and your blog makes me so homesick, can't wait to move back in the new year.

    On a side note, address of that gorgeous yarn store please!

  7. Hi Edie

    Thanks for your comment! That is our old girl! Here's a link with the details to Yarn store