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It always amazes me how children can change so dramatically within a week. Last week's struggles are overcome without much ado and then it's on to conquer the next.

All year we've been trying to get Hugo to go to preschool. But he didn't want to go. He didn't like it. Didn't want to play with the other children. It was a struggle. And for me, a battle not worth fighting. We put it off until he was ready. Softly softly. An hour or two here, then maybe a whole morning. But not without me staying. He wasn't ready for me to leave him there.

Then this week something changed. Hugo asked to spend the entire day at preschool. To play with his friends. Without me. And he did. "Bye Mum" he said as he ran off to play. Such a surprise. Such a turn around. I left, exciting by this development, but also a little, well um sad.

After school to celebrate we went out for a treat. His first whole day at school. He's growing up. But we won't think about that too much. Today, we'll just savour the delicious ice cream.


  1. That is an event! I remember how heartbreaking it was to leave Princess at childcare. It would take two carers to pry her from me. Sure, she had fun, mostly, whilst she was there, but she didn't want to go.

    Now, at "Kinder" she is happy to go and talks about her friends constantly.And, whilst it is reassuring, when they say goodbye without a backward glance your heart breaks a little more. Because, one day, they won't need you like they once did, and this is only the beginning.

  2. Well done Hugo! They are such complex little creatures are they not? I never know what clicks over to bring about changes - but by god it's a trip!

  3. It always amazes me when this sort of thing happens... usually when you've given up all hope. Yay for Hugo!!

  4. Congratulations on sticking with the softly, softly approach.

    It's a big step so well done Hugo.

    + thank you for the cupcake, was just the pick me up I needed (that & having Tim whisk smalls away for a good while!)