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Portrait of a lady

I splurged on a travelling watercolour paint set recently. A proper grown up one. It came complete with twenty sheets of lovely thick cotton paper.
Elsa and I have had a little fun painting the portrait of her much loved doll Pippy. She's a bit of tomboy and a bit grubby round the edges but she was a delightful model. Most ladylike and didn't move a muscle.
Her portrait now sits on the piano next to other cherished family snaps, immortalised as a sweet family keepsake.


  1. What a wonderful representation of a beautiful doll. I bet you had fun playing with the watercolours. I'm enjoying discovering your beautiful blog.

  2. Gorgeous! I love the Pippy's knitted pants. My mum used to knit clothes like that for our dolls.

  3. it's gorgeous. how talented you are!

  4. What beautiful pictures and keepsakes. I think I might need to get some watercolours too. It looks like fun.