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It's been a long time between eggs. Our girls went off the lay pretty much as soon as little Mabel arrived. And true to her hound instincts, she runs those dear girls ragged.

So we were very excited to see an egg this week. A precious find in the nesting box. Chooks do go off the lay in winter, but as soon as the days begin to lengthen they start up again. It amazes me how hens can know that we're past the mid winter turning point. That the sun is on it's way back.

So that's how cooked it. Sunny side up.


  1. Congratulations! I do hope my girls start again soon.


  2. Apologies in advance, I can't resist...

    This is Eggsellent news!

    x Felicity

  3. Mother nature is truly amazing. Yay for the first egg! Enjoy! xo m.

  4. Clever little chickies! Glad to know they are felling winter is coming to an end because it doesn't feel like it to me!

  5. Oh I am so glad that it is offical that the days are getting longer... can't wait for the winter blues to be gone.

  6. well all I can say is that my chooks are confused by the seasons.
    Eddie stopped for June but has started laying again this week and Thelma and Louise haven't stopped for winter yet!
    I'm definitely not complaining, I'm very impressed with them.
    But I still get eggsited (sorry) with every brown and white egg


  7. yay for the return of the skeggs (as they're known sometimes in our house)! I'm sure we'll be echoing your excitement soon as our chooks (well, we're chooksitting) are arriving mid this month..!

    Yay for the chooks!

  8. Hi, Im new to your blog and its seems Tasmania is full of lovely bloggers :) Im wondering why my chooks are still laying eggs? should they have stopped? maybe its because they are young chooks? anyway.... Hi!