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Ideal country lifestyle

Oops! What happened to August? I've been a bit distracted of late.

I wanted to show you this beautiful house I found here. I just love the white walls, gorgeous big windows, sunny rooms and lovely gardens. But my favourite is the kitchen. Look at all those fantastic cupboards!

It's a steal at less than $300k. What are you waiting for?

We're on school holidays now. I'm inspired by Pip's nostalgic post and we're off to a beachside shack where we will be eating lots of delicious food and hanging out on the sand. Can. Not. Wait.

Maybe you'll have moved in by the time we get back.


  1. Have a lovely break, Michelle. I look forward to the day when our children are old enough to take on a family holiday like that. J x

  2. What a gorgeous light-filled home.
    Shame we're not in the market to move to Tassie, as I'm sure I'd find something to put into every one of those kitchen cupboards.
    x Felicity
    PS Enjoy the spring holidays!!!

  3. Augh, thats the house I've had my eye on for when we move down that way - I could so picture living there, crafting up a storm in the studio and planting veggies in the big garden! It is gorgeous! :)

  4. Right! I'm packing up now! The kitchen is amazing. x

  5. Have a well deserved holiday at the beach. xx

  6. what a dream home! love that blue.

  7. Have a great holiday! I can't wait to hear about it.

    As for the house - HOW CRUEL!? I love it. I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! That studio is SO perfect for Matt to paint in. I am loving the kitchen, the light, the vegie patch, the EVERYTHING!! What a steal. Is it close to you?

  8. I want that kitchen. I want that garage ... too gorgeous. Maybe we should move south ...

  9. Beautiful!! We'll be in Tassie next week.
    To think people rip out those kitchens and replace them with modern ones. :-( I hope someone buys it who will appreciate it.