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...adieu, to you and you and you.
Sparkie is here today. He's going to connect the cooker. And remove these lights. Someone loved these faux Edwardian lights and must have spent a fortune installing them. But they're not for me.

I'm always nervous changing the bulbs with those glass shades, I never can manage to put them back properly and have already smashed a few. I haven't even attempted to change the globes in the children's room. It's so high and I can imagine the shade falling off and smashing onto their beds. Probably while they're asleep. Suffice to say their room has been light by lamps for a while now.

So today we'll be saying goodbye to these phoney antiques. Hopefully I can get a few dollars for them at the local second hand store.

To replace them I have some Tords tucked away, this gorgeous bernabeifreeman that I have been saving for years and a couple of old industrial shades :: I love the way Lyn Gardener uses them at her white farmhouse.

Renovation check list
Kitchen door sealed and wall tiled - tick
Cooker bought and installed - tick
Sink ordered - tick
Lights replaced - tick

To do
Order taps
Call plumber
Finish tiling.

Almost there. We're almost cooking with gas.

*update, can you believe the local second hand store didn't want them!  So it's not just me, they are officially ugly.  I begged him to take them for free....which he did reluctantly....


  1. Good luck. It sounds as if constructive has finally replaced destructive. We've been living with lights like that too. I like your alternatives.

  2. Oh man, they are divine (the new ones, I'm with you on the old). Man I am still fantasising about that house you blogged about a while back. It's the stuff dreams are made of.

  3. Beautiful! & cooking with gas is nothing short of divine. Katie.

  4. gorgeous! i sound like a stuck record but your style really is gorgeous. sorry about all the lower case typing - baby in other arm. xxx