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New cakes

We've been experimenting in the kitchen today. New cakes, new biscuits and new treats.
For our new spring menu for tomorrow's market.
It's fresh and fruity and a little bit salty.

NY Times Salted Chocolate Chip Biscuit
Apple lumberjack cakes
Lemon cupcakes filled with sticky blackberries
Mini blueberry huckle buckles


  1. Oh how I wish I lived close by your market.... Yummo!!!

  2. those salty choc chip cookies look so intriguing! Mmmm...

  3. Holy smokey dokes. They look fabulous. Bet they sold quicker than hotcakes.

  4. It's pouring rain here. I wish I had one these yummies to eat with my cup of tea right now!

    But how could I choose?

  5. oh Michelle those lemon cupcakes with blackberries...yum! I think I'm going to have to forgo my sunday morning gym session next weekend and come visit
    : )

  6. whenever i visit your blog i always leave hungry and craving something sweet. i want to come to tasmania just to eat your treats!