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Back from our break at the shack with pictures to share.

Tasmanian beaches are so beautiful. Postcard perfect with pristine aqua waters and smooth white sand. It's rare to see another soul on the beach either. I guess that's the choice you make, warm water and sunny weather with crowds and overdevelopment or brave the chill and get the Bay of Fires to yourself.

As a family of hard core beachcombers, we are happy to take the latter.


  1. Ooh, Michelle! Utter loveliness. What a divine montage you have put together. Lovely moments captured and the red just pops. The colours in the first shot are brilliant. Fantastic. You must have a good camera. The Bay of Fires is one of our special places as well. You lucky ducks having a shack there! J x

  2. I am loving this montage. Has Elsa had a growth spurt?! She looks really grown up! And how Frenchy and chic is she in that wee outfit? Yowsers. I love these two little avid beachcombers.

  3. Oh - we love the Bay of Fires - and in winter ... all the better! Delish!

  4. what fabulous photos... the kid in the hole one is particularly awesome!
    I need a seaside holiday I think... if it ever stops raining here.

  5. Looks like a great holiday. Brings back a lot of memories, as a child my family would always head to a shack in St Helens, I loved those beaches in Bay of Fires, such white sand and blue water!

  6. Ahhh, for I love Tassie beaches, especially the East coast. We are plotting a trip up that way early next year, in a big camper van we think.

    Hope the kitchen is going well & the DIY parts are not doing your head (or allen key) in!

  7. Bay of Fires is such a beautiful part of the world... Had a great time there back in 2002.... Took some memorable photos back then of those stunning red marked rocks.
    Thanks for the reminder.