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A shift in focus

It sounds pretty lame to admit defeat by a power point. But that's the sorry truth. Everything was going to perfectly to plan in the kitchen makeover stakes. And if I hadn't been so smug, I would have been prepared for hiccups.

You see, we had the sparkie take care of all things electrical so we could proceed without risk of electrocution. But on pulling out the remaining kitchen unit we found a forgotten powerpoint. Not on the wall but on the back cabinetry. That we're trying to pull out. Until that's gone we can't finish the tiling and install the sink.

And trying to get a sparkie out for one power point is nigh on impossible. So I've hit the wall, so to speak. Most renovators will grit their teeth and get on with it. But I dear reader, have lost my enthusiasm and can't see the finish line. So while my new kitchen sink languishes in transport somewhere, I've naturally turned my attention outside. It is spring after all.

chooks enjoying their last forage

We've had a fencing expert come and build a fancy new fence around my vegetable garden. I'm very excited. It's not possum proof. But once the gate is in, it will be rabbit, chicken and most importantly, Mabel proof. I'm sorry to say that it's my very own pets, the dog and the chooks that do the most damage to the garden. Mabel in particular loves to rip small fruit trees out entirely and carry them off for a good chew. A sign of bored dog perhaps? She buries bones in the beds or just gives them a good dig. Well, not any more my little fury friend.

Although this space looks a bit barren, it is early spring. Come summer this space will be lush and green with hopefully some fruit. There are raspberry canes, eleven apple trees, one quince, one cherry and one myer lemon. I have one bed growing garlic, one growing asparagus and one with rhubarb. The remaining three I've plans for cucumbers, potatoes and tomatoes this summer.

Curiously enough by fencing in the garden, I now have more space and will be able start new beds around the perimeter and will plant flowers to attract bug eating insects. I'm thinking lavender, cosmos, zinnias, hollyhocks and of course sunflowers to name a few.

To me, this is so much more exciting to be out here in the gorgeous spring weather, dreaming, weeding and digging. And forgetting all about that cursed bloody powerpoint. For now.


  1. it will look wonderful! molly ate most of our garden last year... xxx

  2. Oh no that's a pain about the power point! I guess that's what I find most terrifying about the house building process - there are so many things that can hold the build up.
    Gardens are much better- so easy to see progress, even weeding makes you feel better at the end when you see the nice tidy bed -what a sense of achievement!

  3. Your garden area looks and sounds wonderful! I'd love to allocate more of the back yard to vegetables and fruit but our dog would do the same as Mabel and hubby doesn't want more fences.