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Shack cooking

You have to make sure there are plenty of good things to eat when you're on holidays. Luckily one of my favourite things about holidays is the cooking. I like how you have to keep it simple. You've only got basic equipment and a limited pantry so you've got to be inventive. But for me, that makes it all the more relaxing.

We packed the car with delicious cheeses, olive oil, wines, jams, eggs and olives from home and stocked up on basics at the local health food store when we arrived :: strong flour, SR flour, rice, lentils, chickpeas, dried fruit and nuts, maple syrup, popcorn. Then with milk, yoghurt, butter and a sack full of spuds from the corner store we were set for a week's lazy cooking. Pancakes for breakfast, sauteed potatoes for lunch, a woodfired bbq for dinner. We baked bread or made damper every morning, ate loads of ice cream and the kids sucked on frozen orange quarters all day long.
It was pure luck that on a visit to the library before we left to stock up on books for the peeps that I came across a copy of Tessa Kiros' delightful book Apples for Jam. Despite having seen this book pop up on blogs often enough, I'd never got my hands on a copy until now.

It was the perfect book to take away on holidays, full of comforting, easy recipes that my kids just loved. Each chapter is divided by colour, red, white, orange, etc and the pages are full of cute photos, kids' drawings and Tessa's own childhood memories. Good bedside reading as well as a great cook book. I'm always looking for inspiration when it comes to cooking for the children and this book does it beautifully.

Now that dollar is looking so healthy, I might just have to get myself a copy methinks. Then I could pretend we are still on holidays. Wouldn't that be nice!


  1. Beautiful post. I'm all for keeping it simple, on holidays and at home!

    AFJ is only 15 bucks on at the mo! I've just bought it and The Kitchen Garden Companion for a song. xo

  2. What a lovely holiday, great cottage!!

    I was going to tell you about the cheap price of 'apples for jam' at the book depository, but 'tea with lucy' has already beaten me to it. I can also highly recommend tessa's other book 'falling cloudberries'.

  3. My copy of this book is fairly well splattered which is always a good sign.

    Well worth the money (although that price seems amazing...I'm afraid book depository will be my undoing!)

  4. Ahhh apples for jam! I had a library friendship with this book also, almost bought it in the states, finally (after a number of years of pining) i made my purchase from Betterworld Books for a nice price.

    Looking forward to seeing your place in Country Living!