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This morning I thought to myself, "I must write a post about that Country Style article today," when the postie delivered the May edition.  It's now officially old news. We were in last month's Country Style.

We were thrilled to be included, especially Mabel.   She's enjoying her new found fame, and we've heard from good authority that Angus, a golden retriever from down the road has Mabel's picture stuck to the wall next to his basket.  She's a pinup pup!

I was so pleased that Lauren's skirt that Elsa was wearing got such good exposure.  I had asked Angie to make some pants for Hugo too, so both children could be showing off fab Tasmanian designers, but he refused to wear them on the day. All of a sudden there's a wardrobe tantrum from Mr Gumboots-and-undies.

The feedback we've received has been very much appreciated.  Thank you for all the lovely comments, messages and for coming to our stall to say hello and buy cakes.  And thank you to Millie for the sweet post too.

In other old news, last week's issue of Grazia magazine featured a wonderful write up about our cakes and one of our recipes in Matthew's column.  Very exciting for us to get a recipe published! Woo hoo!

Finally, the old news I'm most proud off.  I recently attended an incredible dinner at Garagistes for Slow Food Hobart.  You can read all about it here.  One of my photos was included in The Mercury article, in full colour, both online and in last week's paper. With a credit.  Yay! Pretty exciting for me.

Did I get paid a fortune? Not a penny.  Do I have ambitions to become a professional photographer?  Not if I have to learn the meaning of aperture.  Was I extremely very proud? Why yes I was!

Well dear reader, that's it for old news, you heard it here last. Come back soon for more up to the minute old news.


  1. So exciting, Michelle! All these brilliant and exciting things happening for you! Just great! I thought it was just a happy coincidence that Elsa was wearing her skirt. Thank you! It was a little thrilling to see it there in print. Mum and Dad were most impressed :D

  2. If this old news Michelle, then keep bringing it on! Warmest congrats to you for all your media mentions, it just reinforces the old adage 'Nice things happen to good people.' Enjoy your Easter break.
    Millie x

  3. I have to admit that I re-read your article again this week in my favourite coffee shop. Made me smile both times :)

  4. Hi Michelle, Iv been sick for quite a few weeks now and only got a chance to buy my fav mag today (from huonville newsagency...yes I'm a recent convert to the country too!! and love it) and I came across you and your fab article :-) congratulations on your cup cake success and as I read on I found that we have quite alot in common...chickens...Mr 3 1/2 year old and trying to incorporate fresh produce into our diet from our own garden (this is a new project and very much a work in progress), your story warmed my heart and made me smile (needed) keep up the good work and I hope to get an opportunity to pop into the markets one day to say hi :-)cheers Jody

  5. All exciting old news! That dinner sounds amazing.

  6. old but excellent & still exciting news! Have you been on the radio yet?

  7. Oh Michelle, I feel so rude not to have written and congratulated you sooner. I read the CS article and looked at your pictures so proudly as if it were about one of my friends. I called my Mum and told her to look out for you too. Well done! It all looks and reads so beautifully.
    I'm thrilled for you that things are really happening right now. hooray!!!!!

  8. Hi Michelle

    My name is Magdalena Lane and I am good friends with Megan and Adam who run Tricycle Cafe down at Salamanca Place. I recently met Jo at Megan's hens dinner.

    I read the beautiful article in Country Stlye and thought I'd be brave and contact you.

    I am the Director of the Australian Business Arts Foundation here in Tasmania. We connect the arts with the private sector (to support a sustainable and vibrant Tasmanian arts sector).

    I thought we may be of interest to you.

    Would you be avaialble for a phone chat or perhaps a cup of tea?

    I feel a bit strange about contacting you in this way but look forward to a reply.

    Best wishes
    0400 645 764