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Due to the weather...

Activities around these parts have been dictated by the weather of late.  It's bitterly cold, snowy rainy and incredibly windy.  Not that we're complaining.  It's beautiful and wild and totally Tasmanian.  And any excuse to stay indoors with the peeps is lots of fun.   

Saturday's deluge of rain created a stream running through the boundary of our yard.  The peeps rugged up and built gnome houses, dams, bridges, light houses and villages with sandy shores.   A rare treat,  running water and mud in the garden, and the chance for some creative building. Then inside for warm baths and hot chocolates. 

Sunday I had a feeling the market would be cancelled, but I packed the car and headed off to Hobart anyway.   I was almost there when I received the call that yes, as the main stall had just been carried four meters into the air and split in two, that market was cancelled.  That gave me the chance to have an unheard of leisurely weekend breakfast in a cafe in Battery Point watching the snow flurries outside. How lovely! 

I drove home over the mountain through the most magical snow fall, plonked myself on the couch and played with Pinterest all afternoon.  Bliss! 

Today we woke to the news that we were snowed in one road, and flooded in on another. Cut off from school!  Hoorah! No option but to head west to the Judbury Crafters meeting.  I prepped some stuff for Pip's pom pom project for the children, and dragged out my sock knitting, ahem, from the back of the wardrobe and off we went.

In a beautiful sunlit room with big windows overlooking the wild and flooded Huon river, sat a dozen or so people spinning wool.  On spinning wheels.  There was jam and scones and warm mugs of soup and lots of sharing of stories and skills.  I got some much needed help with starting off my socks, again,  and to be honest, felt a little inadequate that I was using boughten wool.  I hadn't actually sheared my own sheep or alpaca, dyed it with foraged plants and spun it myself. Not that anyone said anything, everyone was very friendly and welcoming, however that might need to be a project for the future.  In the meantime, next month, I'm going to bring a crochet hook and get some help starting a granny rug.

What a creative, warm and happy time we are having. Rain, snow, floods, road closures?  Bring it on. We're happily hibernating in the valley thank you.  We might see you in the spring.


  1. That's the kind of winter that is so foreign to me up here in Brisbane! Sounds like you've been having a wonderful time. I have a spinning wheel waiting patiently until I get around to finding my rhythm with it (i.e. lessons!).

    ~ melania

  2. I too am loving the cold days and snow on the hills, the creek has flooded again, the roads cut off. The wood heater has been going for weeks now all warm and cosy inside. This is why i moved from WA to the lovely Huon Valley.

  3. I quite like being cut off too.. a chance to be cozy and hibernate..though it hasn't happened yet this year. We've had a little snow too this season, and lots of wind at the moment.
    The knitting sounded like a lovely experience. Love the picture of all the hand dyed colours.

  4. Excellent winter activities. It has been extra cold and wolly here too. Enjoy your week!

  5. Our best days were snow days! We don't get them in the Okanagan like we did in the prairies and I am a bit envious...

  6. What great photos of the wheels especially, may I take a copy of the feet'n'wheels? It was terrific to meet you Michelle, and to see and hear Hugo and Elsa having such winter fun in the great Judbury Treehouse park. I have never regretted my move from wonderful WA to even more wonderful Tasmania, getting out and about in a real winter is a lot of fun.

    Hope to see you again,

  7. Mmmm sounds like the kind of winter I love. Enjoy the time all snuggled up. xx m.

  8. These are the reasons I adore the winter months, love spending days in doors.
    My children and I attend a craft group run by elderly folk and while chatting to a women the other day I learnt that they too have a spinning class so I am off to it next week to learn to spin my own exciting :)


  9. I'm secretly glad when I experience that kind of weather.

    It gives me an excuse to do things I love like baking and sewing, as well as cuddling up with my favourite mohair blanket, a book and cups of tea.

  10. How lovely! I must say that we are enjoying a bit of the same over here in Margaret River.

    Those spinning wheel photos are fantastic...what fun!

    Nic xo

  11. Hello! I adore your pic of the wheels in motion - this reminds me of the spinning group I go to each week (I just started this year). Delightful pictures and I am just the teensiest bit envious of your shiny new purchase, the aga! (is this what it is?) Gorgeous!! :)

    PS - found you via Brydie at cityhippyfarmgirl.