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Goodbye, hello

After 18 months of Sundays, we've finished up our stall at the Farmers Market.  It has been a great market to be involved in and we've made some lovely friends, but it's time to move on.

Remember we did a day at Salamanca recently?  Well, as it turns out, Ross and Matthew don't need their stall anymore, as they now have a gorgeous little food store in Salamanca open every day.   At the same time, our application for a spot at Salamanca was approved so it all worked rather nicely.  For the next month or so, we'll be there every Saturday, and during the summer we will take turns with some other Bruny Island producers.  So we will get a few weekends off.  Hooray!

And while we are a little sad to say goodbye to the Farmers Market, I have no regrets that it was the right decision when I told Elsa that I would be home on Sundays.  The look on her face as she realised that we could have every Sunday together told me instantly that it's the right move.  It made me realise how kids go along with things, even though they may not like it, and that perhaps me working every weekend was having more of an impact on them than I thought.

So, we'll be at Salamanca Markets every Saturday for a while, out the front of Fresh Fruit Market and next to Harvest Feast, sharing with Bruny Island Cheese and Anne's delicious tracklement stall.
However, sharing a stall with Bruny Island Cheese is going to be a huge test of my will power.  Check out this gorgeous new cheese, Pressings, ahem, I did have one or two little tastes of that one....


  1. So nice to see you on Saturday (sorry we'd missed Jo). Rob and I did wonder how you guys do it sometimes- it's such a commitment every week- but I'm sure for the most part a fulfilling one. But we thought that at least by Saturday afternoon it's all over now and you will have Sunday to be with your families. Yeah for something new and we look forward to seeing you every so often!

  2. Yum, I'll have a slice of that one!

    Good luck with the new venture. Sundays home with the kids will be wonderful for everyone I think!

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  4. Sharing a stall with such delicious looking cheese sounds wonderful!

  5. YAY! serendipidty me thinks....and yes kids are so good at acceptance aren't they. Little darlings. Enjoy thise lazy days. xx

  6. I have visited Salamanca Square while on a short visit to Tasmania a few years ago, so I know that it is such a gorgeous spot. congratulations on your Saturday venture.

  7. Enjoy the whole day with family is very best. This Cheese is looking gorgeous and very yummy.

  8. You're so right, and it's something that's so topical for me right now. This weekend I realised the impact of only have 1 day together as a family - I find it really hard, and then I thought about it, and realised it's hard on the smalls too.

    Exciting that you've got a new adventure ahead of you. Tally ho!