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Lullaby blankets

A few weeks back I went away for a weekend to Bruny Island with a group of friends.  Filled with good food, wine, walks along the beach and lots of cups of tea, it was a much needed break on my favourite island.

In the evenings, one friend Jackie would start stitching lengths of vintage blankets for a project she was working on called Lullaby Blankets.  A project involving women from different refugee communities in Hobart who have all chosen a lullaby from their country of origin to sew onto a blanket.  What touched me, was hearing that whilst some of the lullabies were traditional, some were newer ones, composed in refugee camps, with lyrics along the lines of "there's no food my baby but you must go to sleep" Oh my. Heartbreaking.

I wanted to help, so offered the best way I know how. Helping cook for the launch at the wonderful Craft Hive.  With a small budget and taking into consideration that some guests would be observing Ramadan, that is, some won't have eaten all day, I devised a menu to feed up to 60 guests.  I worked all day on Friday cooking yummy things like mini potato tortillas, lentil and couscous balls with garlicky yoghurt dipping sauce and brown sugar mushroom and tofu rice paper rolls.  I was too frantic to get this lot finished in time before school pick up to take photos of the end product.  Just a few work in progress snaps.  But I did it, and I loved it and it felt great to help a friend with an amazing project.

If you're in Hobart you should check out the exhibition. The blankets are so very touching, and I'm so very grateful that I have never had to soothe a hungry child to sleep.


  1. Sounds like an amazing and inspiring project. Speaking of inspiring, those food images are so delicious looking I can taste them from here! Xx ashley

  2. Beautiful Michelle, this sounds like an amazing project to be involved with! Delicious food as always :)

  3. You gave me tears with my tea this morning. It sounds like a beautiful project, and your last line will keep my day in perspective. Thank you, xx

  4. Oh Michelle, you made me cry.
    What a gorgeous, important project.
    What a beautiful part you played.
    And those mamas and babies....xx

  5. What a thought provoking project....if I lived closer I would be visiting the exhibition. Maybe it could become a traveling exhibition and tour other states? Well done for giving them your support.

    1. Just to let you know that it did become a travelling exhibition and we hosted it at ArtsCape in Wynyard on the NW Coast over the past couple of weeks. It was very popular and people loved the idea of hearing the songs while admiring the blankets, and trying to work out which song went with which blanket! It generated a lot of discussion, but we missed out on Elsa's wonderful baking! It is also the topic for our writing group this month, so it will be interesting to see what stories or poems it inspires.

  6. Such a lovely post. I am so moved by your last sentence and am reminded, again, to be grateful.


  7. I read something today that said "The things you take for granted someone else is praying for". This post reminded how true this is.....
    What a wonderful way to help too. Food is such a great way to show you care.

  8. Just wondering if you would share your recipes? They sound so delish!


  9. Michelle,
    We are so grateful that you provided such nourishing and exquisite food for the lullaby blanket opening.
    It felt like the most beautiful and appropriate gift and was so appreciated by us all. It was food made with consciousness and heart, and this you could see and taste,Thank you from us all.