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Since 1888

Scenes from the weekend, finally uploaded.   I went to a cider launch, at Australia’s first certified organic cidery, built at the original orchard planted by William Smith in the Huon Valley in 1888.

Where the apples are grown, then crushed, and through the magic of malolactic fermentation and French oak casks, it's turned into a delicious farm house cider.

There's a lot of argy bargy in our town, about dying industries and loss of jobs.  You see orchards being bulldozed and turned into housing, the loss of valuable farm land and a feeling of despair by some.   

But I see a family business since 1888, launching an innovative new product using traditional methods, doing it organically and with style (those Tasmanian shaped drink coasters are printed on a 19th century letterpress!) and well, that's something to celebrate. Cheers!


  1. Our town has a similar "argy-bargy" as you say - it's so good to see and celebrate the good and positive things - they are always there. x

  2. That certainly is something to celebrate! It looks like a great weekend:)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful business Michelle, great to hear such a positive story. Love that coaster!

  4. I was lucky enough to try a glass (or two!) straight out of the malolactic fermentation tank while I was in Tassie a couple of weeks ago, Michelle. It's a really nice drop. I even got a wander through the orchard, slipped over in the mud (prior to tasting the cider), just managed to preserve my camera...had a great time. Absolutely love the Huon!

  5. Brilliant! Can't wait to try some! :)