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Life is just a bowl of cherries

There's been a lot going on around here lately. I seem to be running from one thing to the next.  Some highs and some lows.  Happy times and sad.   My girl turned ten (!) We celebrated Christmas with good food and good friends.  I felt like I ran a marathon prepping and working for a friend at the Taste Festival.  And MoMa keeps going from strength to strength.

But for the most, it's hard to think about anything much than the devastation that has hit our island.  So many homes lost to intense bush fires.  So much devastation.   Heartbreaking.

The flip side is the incredible show of community spirit as people come together to help those in need.

Humans are amazing.

The camera sits forlornly on the table.  Not used much lately.  But then amidst all the goings one, there was a moment I photographed with Hugo.  After a friend gave us a huge bucket of cherries from his tree.  I took them and I sat with Hugo on the verandah and we ate those cherries.  As the cherries stained his clothes, I taught him an important life skill.  That is, to spit the pips over the railing.  

I sat and looked down at what's left of my garden, at the shrivelled leaves on the fruit trees, the wilted berries and the dead brown grass.  All decimated after 40 plus temperatures, crazy hot winds and no rain for weeks.  Not a drop.  I try to feel grateful that I still have a garden.  Plenty don't. I do feel grateful but it is still hard nonetheless.  

So I sit with my son, spit pips over the railing and life seems perfect for a moment.  I forget about the bad stuff, breath in the moment, remember the good and finish that bucket of cherries.

Feeling incredibly lucky really.


  1. So sad for out Tassieburgers. I hope all is now well and the community just keeps on keeping on together. x

  2. Well said Michelle, as we battle through this sweltering heat I am also reflecting on the good things and thinking about the devastation in your part of the world. Take care x

  3. Biggest love to you and your peeps you gorgeous cherry spitting mama. xx

  4. Mother Nature can be so ferocious and all consuming
    As we have seen lately for those sho have lost all their worldly possessions. Let's hope the days ahead are kinder to all and its always nice to find solace in the simple things like cherry pipping with our children to ground us with what we truly value and that is life!

  5. I can imagine how you must be feeling about your garden. Heartbreaking. And of course the people who no longer have one. Thinking of you all. x

  6. Your world must be a different place suddenly. So glad to hear that you and yours are safe but so sad too for those who aren't.

  7. It's been quite surreal, hasn't it? There was a fire near mum and dad's and I spent some time at home with them just in case. It wasn't a nice feeling, thinking we'd have to pack up the cars and leave the family home, that's for sure.

    Have you had any rain yet? We had some, enough to help out with that fire at least. It's under control now, but the fact it was creeping closer and closer was a bit scary.

    Oh, and um, we also had a 3.4 earthquake this morning! Yikes! Such strange times right now!

  8. Cherry spitting sounds like a fine thing to do, given everything that has been going on.
    Take care.