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A midsummer's picnic

A drizzly grey evening was not what I had in mind when planning a midsummer picnic. In my mind, we were going to be sitting on picnic blankets, basking in the warm sunlight and watching the sun set over golden meadows, dotted with great bales of freshly cut hay.

Instead, we rugged up with coats and scarves, wellies and beanies, and headed to the field anyway, determined to enjoy the longest day whatever weather this crazy Tasmanian summer threw our way.

There's something magical about midsummer, the solstice, a day for being outside and marking the turning point when the days start to get ever so shorter again (already?!).

A day worth marking in my books.

We sat in the drizzle, hoping it would pass, and supped on a summertime feast of hot-smoked salmon, watercress and dill, soft boiled eggs and loads of radishes.  For sweets there were the most fragrant of strawberries, chocolate coins and a bottle of prosecco to mark the occasion.

The children weren't bothered at all by the weather, and, looking like they'd just stepped out of a Boden catalogue, ran through the meadows playing hide and seek in the long grass, and rode their bikes speedily down the long steep hills.

We made our way home in the gloaming, and honestly walked through the door as it just got dark at 10pm.

Of course, today is the perfect weather for a midsummer picnic, so we'll probably head out and do it all again. As they say, you've got to make hay while the sunshines.


  1. What a lovely way to enjoy the summer solstice! Your picnic dinner looked so delicious, and although the weather wasn't the best, it certainly didn't detract from the gorgeous setting! Our day was spent by the seaside, which I thought was an apt way to enjoy the longest day of summer. We had a lovely day ourselves, and enjoyed the hot weather, however my littlest ended up getting terribly burnt on her face, so she wasn't able to enjoy another dip in the ocean today. I can't believe the days are slowly going to become shorter! It feels like Summer has only just arrived, so it's sad to think these gorgeous long days are slowly going to dwindle. Hope you managed to fit another picnic in today xx

    1. our day sounds wonderful too Rhana. I think just being outside makes all the difference (although the sunburn isn't so nice) At least while the days might be shorter there's still a few months of warm weather to enjoy! Hope you have a lovely Christmas xx

  2. So true! We'll have to make the most of them while they're still around! Merry Christmas to you and yours too - hope you have an extra special day tomorrow xx


    What a lovely makeover too! How refreshing is a little bit of a blog spruce-up xx

  4. Oh to rug up in December sounds like a dream!

  5. Enjoying the longer days and eating outside under the trees is such a beautiful way to celebrate the season. I just wish the wind would back off!!

  6. I'm late to the party but...may I ask where you found your enamel cups? Adore!